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Living a quiet life as a celebrity might be a challenge. With that, almost all of their moves are out of the open. Even their personal and love life is under the watchful eyes of the public. The public is updated when it comes to their relationships, divorces, and even when they start to form their families. Thus, these following celebrity couples stand with their marriage despite their busy schedule personal challenges. They only prove that everyone can always have their fairytale ending.

1. Jimmy Buffett and Jane Slagsvol – 23 YEARS

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett married his second wife, Jane Slagsvol, in Key West, Florida in 1977, the year his hit album, “Changes in Latitudes,” was released. Buffett had moved to Florida following the dissolution of his first marriage and frustrated by difficulties getting his music career going. Buffett, who spent his childhood years in Mobile and attended Auburn University, has often evoked memories of Alabama’s Gulf Coast in his songs. In addition to his decades-long success in music, he has written books, acted, launched a restaurant chain and co-owned a minor league baseball team. He and Jane have three children.


Willie Nelson is one of the biggest names when it comes to country music. Some of his best-known albums are Shotgun Willie, Stardust, and Redheaded Stranger. Through his great talent and undeniable stardom in the music scene, he was able to have a net worth of $25 million. But among his most significant investment is his wife, Annie D’Angelo. The couple tied the knot in 1991, and have been inseparable ever since. Although Annie is his third wife, she has been a very supportive partner to Willson through the years.


Randy and Mary Travis have a love story that can be an inspiration to many. Randy Travis shocked his fans when he suffered from a stroke and ended up with a virus that hit his heart. It followed by unfortunate medical events such as pneumonia, surgeries and advised for a heart transplant. Aside from that, human as he is, he did not mind to have disability insurance. Hence his finances were a challenge. Thankfully, he found his wife Mary, and she always supported him during his difficult time. The couple is now married for four years, and they are facing the challenges of life together.


George and Norma Strait is a living proof that couples should have teamwork to stand the test of time. Norma has been the backbone of the family. She makes sure that the kids are well-raised, and she had been at home while George is away on tours, making a fortune for the family. Unfortunately, they had experienced a tragic event when their 13-year-old daughter died in an accident. But they have been there for each other and created a stronger bond. Now, the couple has been wonderful grandparents, and everybody is looking forward to their 50th anniversary.


Kris Kristofferson also brought a massive impact on the country music industry. He inducted at the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2004. Not only that, he is a prestigious music artist, but he also took credit for being a great actor. Kris is famous for playing a role in films such as Heaven’s Gate, and A Star is Born. In 1983, he married Lisa Myers and had changed his life for the better. Kris has undergone two divorces, but the 36 years of marriage to Lisa is evident that she is the one. The couple has 5 children who are now thriving in their respective fields.


This next couple has a rollercoaster love story but stood together. Garth Brooks was already married to Sandy Mahl when he first encountered Trisha, who, during that time, is a struggling musician. At that time, Trisha is also married to Christopher Latham. After Trisha divorced Latham, she married Robert Reynolds in 1994. Moving forward, Garth broke up with Sandy in 2000 and got married to Trisha. It seems that they are destined for each other. The couple is now married for 15 years and lives a happy life. Thus, they both have no problem with finances as they have a considerable net worth. They also probably share mortgages and insurance payments.


Alan and Denise Jackson are one of the most famous couples in the music industry. They also prove that their love for each other stays firm despite facing hardships in life. They met when they are still in high school and tied the knot in 1979. They have struggled with their early years as husband and wife, and money is one of their problems. Thankfully they have each other’s support. Back then, Denise was a flight attendant, and Alan was still struggling with his career. Denise was able to have the business card of Glen Campbell, and he helped Alan, then the rest is history. Now, they are 40 years in marriage and lives in a sizeable plantation-style home that does not have problems with a mortgage. Indeed, their love for each other is one of their most considerable investment.


This next couple is inseparable in everything that they do. From their careers to bank accounts, insurances, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill is quite a team. Their chemistry felt by fans both on and off the stage. They are married for 22 years and have three children. For sure, the kids will not have any problems with school loans and other money issues as mom and dad are working together for their bright future.


The award-winning singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton has also marked his name in the industry. He has been honored with multiple awards from prestigious bodies. He came across his now-wife, Morgane Stapleton, in 2003. Morgane is also a songwriter herself and receives instant fame after co-writing Carrie Underwood’s Don’t Forget to Remember Me. The power duo tied the knot in 2007 and now proud parents to four children. For sure, their kids are equipped with the top of the line insurance, as they are providing so much in their children’s well-fare.


Kenny Rogers got all the things that ordinary people wanted. The Country Music Hall of Fame inductee has the money, high credit score, investments, and of course, fame. The only thing that is missing in his life is a loving wife. Luckily, Wanda Miller stepped in and gave all the love that she could offer to Kenny. The two had known each other for three decades, and they have been married for twenty years. This being said, true love does wait! Thus, the couple is already secured financially and emotionally and can retire anytime.


This next couple seems like they are born for each other. Dolly Parton and Carl Dean will make people believe that love at first sight really does exist. Carl knew he would be married to Dolly the first time he saw her. After two years of courtship, the couple got married in 1966 is a very private ceremony. Fifty-three years of marriage, and these two are still in love every single day. It must be nice living a luxurious life, and the love of your life is beside you every day. It goes to show that their investment with their love is worth it.12. LUKE BRYAN AND CAROLINE BOYER – 12 YEARS

Luke Bryan is one of the CMA fest heartthrobs, since the start of his career. But, he and his wife Caroline Boyer is under the watchful eyes of the public. The couple has been the talk of the town since they got married in 2007. Thankfully, they did not let it ruined their vows to each other. Even though their relationship underwent some ups and downs, it goes to show that they are stronger and stayed married for 12 years now. Thus, they did not let their trials fall into divorce.13. TOBY KEITH AND TRICIA LUCAS – 35 YEARS

If you are into country music, you surely will not miss Toby Keith. He is also one of the great talents in the music industry. Toby and his wife Tricia are married for 35 years! They tied the knot in March 1984. It is obvious that the couple is so devoted to each other. The couple first met each other in a club when Keith is just 20 years old, and Tricia is 21, then the rest is history. They are currently living a quiet yet luxurious life with their three kids. For sure, their home is complete with amenities and no problem with the mortgage.


Billy Ray Cyrus is one of the most successful musicians in the industry. He has 53 singles and 16 studio albums to date. With that, he is one of the highly praised artists. His love story is also one of the books. Billy tied the knot with Leticia Finely on December 28, 1993. However, it is a secret wedding. Reports surfaced that Billy’s record company advised him not to get married. Thankfully, the couple followed their hearts and was gifted, three children. Of course, we all know that he is the dad of Miley Cyrus. Now, their family is one of their most significant investment.15. SAM ELLIOTT & KATHARINE ROSS — 35 YEARS

The love story of Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross is one of Hollywood’s success stories. The fell in love with each other while filming the horror flick The Legacy. The two tied the knot in 1984 and stayed for 35 years to date. Because of their love for one another, they become an inspiration for young couples. Their marriage blessed them with a daughter Cleo Rose. For sure, she is showered with all the love, attention, and the best insurance policy they could ever give her while she was young. Cleo is also making her name as a model, singer, and musician.16. PAT SAJAK AND LESLY BROWN-SAJAK – 30 YEARS

Pat Sajak will never be forgotten as the famous show host of The Wheel Of Fortune. On the other hand, Lesly Brown is a professional photographer that is also pretty much successful in her field. The couple tied the knot in 1989 and has been married for 30 years already. They have two kids, Maggie Sajak and Patrick Micahel James Sajak. Thus, with the couple success, they have made several real estate investments and are ready for retirement anytime. With their combined net worth, it is easy to assume that they are filled with luxurious things and is also great with money management.


Barbra Streisand has marked her name in the industry, not just by singing but acting and filmmaking as well. All of her multiple talents is quite a success and were given credits by having different awards from prestigious bodies. Her marriage to Elliot Gould ended up into a divorce, but she is lucky to found the one that is right for her finally. She married the director-producer James Brolin, and they have wedded for 21 years already. With their combined net worth and high credit score, it is safe to say that they are financially stable and far away from bankruptcy, thanks to their money management skills.18. TOM SELLECK AND JILLIE MACK – 32 YEARS

Tom Selleck was once married to Jacqueline Ray but divorced in 1982. After that, he found his love, Jillie Mack. They were married for 32 years as of today and went side by side, being supportive of each other. However, many did not know that Tom gave up his acting career to spend time with his family and be a hands-on dad to their children. It goes to show that both Tom and Jillie have excellent money management skills as their net worth is quite high. They must have plenty of investments for them to live peacefully and away from bankruptcy.


Darius Rucker received credit as one of the founding fathers and the face of Hootie and the Blowfish, which is a very successful rock band in 1986. He has been married to his lovely wife, Beth Leonard. The couple first met at VH1 as Beth is working there. The couple is now 20 years married and has three kids. They are enjoying their family life, and thanks to their money management skills, it is safe to say that they are far from bankruptcy. Considering their net worth, they are living a luxurious life.20. SHANIA TWAIN AND FREDERIC THIEBAUD – 8 YEARS

Shania Twain, tagged as the “Queen of Country Pop,” has achieved multiple awards and is the best-selling female music artist in the history of country music. She may have experienced divorce, yet she did not give up on looking for the right one. She is currently married to Frederic Thiebaud for eight years now. Frederic is an executive of the world-renowned brand Nestle. Being successful in their careers, we could only imagine all the luxurious things that they have. It is easy to assume that they don’t have any problems with loans, mortgages, and credit scores.21.CARRIE UNDERWOOD AND MIKE FISHER – 9 YEARS

Carrie Underwood is one of the promising artists in this generation. Being a successful musician, she has been able to achieve a net worth of $85 million. As for her husband Mike Fisher, who is a professional hockey player, he is also a millionaire himself. The couple got married, and their married life stands strong for nine years now. They have been blessed with two sons, and as parents, they made sure that their children deserve only the best. The husband and wife must have given them all the luxurious things, including an expensive insurance policy.22. DWIGHT YOAKAM AND EMILY JOYCE – 6 YEARS

Dwight Yoakam is also considered to be a legend when it comes to country music. Thanks to his undeniable talent, he was able to sell over 25 million records so far, and as for his 5th album, The Time has been applauded and certified as triple platinum. Dwight is also known to be dating several Hollywood stars, including the ever-gorgeous Sharon Stone. However, none of his past relationships lasted until he met his current partner, Emily Joyce. The couple has been together for six years now, but the two are not yet married. But we know for sure that they are having a great time with each other’s company and that would be their most significant investment.


Trace Adkins is one of the well-loved country singer-actor. With success in his career, he was able to have a net worth of $25 million. As for his significant other, Victoria Pratt is a woman with overwhelming educational achievements. She graduated summa cum laude from York University, and after securing her degree, she had a career in University in its Human Performance Lab. The couple got married last October 19, 2019, and was officiated by Blake Shelton. We could only imagine how fun can be their wedding, and we wish all the best for the newlyweds!24. KIRK DOUGLAS & ANNE BUYDENS — 65 YEARS

Kirk Douglas is one of the most celebrated actors from Hollywood’s Golden age. He is remembered for his work and contribution to the industry. He walked down the aisle in 1954 with Anne Buydens, and the couple has been inseparable for 65 years up to date. Kirk Douglas is now 102 years old, and Anne Buydens just crossed her 100th year. There is no doubt that they are the sweetest and loving couple. Thus, considering their age, they must have invested an expensive health insurance policy for them to stay healthy despite aging. Their love story is quite interesting!25. KYRA SEDGWICK AND KEVIN BACON – ABOUT 29 YEARS

One of the most unforgettable roles that Kyra Sedgwick portrayed is Brenda Leigh Johnson in TNT’s crime series, The Closer. Kyra married her fellow award-winning actor Kevin Bacon back in 1988. She stayed married for 29 years and does not have any news of getting a divorce attorney anytime soon. They stood firmly throughout the trials in their lives and marriage, and it seems to show that they have conquered it as a couple. Lucky for them that they have each other, as they have been supportive of one another. Both being successful with their careers, they for sure, live a luxurious life.26. CATHERINE ZETA-JONES AND MICHAEL DOUGLAS – 20 YEARS

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Micahel Douglas are one of the hottest power couples in the Hollywood industry. Michael Douglas is a successful director and producer while Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the hottest actresses, we are pretty sure that their finances and credit score will never be an issue for them. Despite their busy schedules, the couple makes sure that they have time for each other. As a result, their marriage stood strong for over two decades and counting. There is no doubt that they both live a luxurious life as it is the fruit of their hard work.27. GOLDIE HAWN AND KURT RUSSELL – 35 YEARS

Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn are considered to be prestigious actors in Hollywood. Their love story is one of the extraordinary that a couple could have. They stayed with each other for 35 years, but they are not married. They built their companionship with friendship, love, and trust. Goldie believes that marriage depends on one’s psychology, and that statement is quite true. Their fellowship works well for them, and they don’t have to go through divorce lawyers when they want to call it quits. However, the lovely couple seems far from giving up one another.28. FELICITY HUFFMAN AND WILLIAM H. MACY – 36 YEARS

Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, has been together for 36 years. They have been engaged in a courtship for 15 years and been married for 21 years. It is so evident that William can’t get enough of Felicity as he can be seen anywhere with her, including public functions and award ceremonies. Despite the fact that they value their marriage, the two actors do not fail their professionalism when it comes to working. It is quite exciting to think that they both share the same profession, house, insurances, and investments.


Ron Howards is also one of the huge names in Hollywood. He is successful in acting and directing. Having been successful with his career, he truly deserves his net worth of $160 million. Being married to Cheryl for 44 years goes to show that the celebrity couple values both their relationship and career. Many had admired their devotion to one another. Also, their huge net worth is indeed a sign that they know how to take care of their finances and maintain and high score. Far away from bankruptcy and divorce, only proves that they are one of Hollywood’s power couples.30. ELLEN DEGENERES AND PORTIA DE ROSSI – 14 YEARS

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are one of the most supported couples in the industry. The two have shared with the public their amazing chemistry and overflowing love with each other. They started dating in 2004 and eventually got married in 2008. However, multiple rumors suggest that the is filing for divorce. Although they might have experienced some downtime in their relationship, the two just went through it and debunked the speculations. Thankfully, their love for each other is stronger than contacting a divorce lawyer. With their love story, they just proved that love wins!


Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa have got some love story that is worth sharing to their grandchildren. The couple first met while auditioning for All My Children, and love took its place. After going out some time, the two eloped and got married in Las Vegas. But do note that it is not the type of marriage in Vegas that you will regret after, the couple stayed together for 23 years to date. Their joint wealth and excellent money management skills enabled them to have a comfortable life and far away from bankruptcy.32. SEAN CONNERY AND MICHELINE ROQUEBRUNE – 44 YEARS

Sean Connery is one of the legends in the Hollywood industry. The former James Bond has captured the hearts of many. But most importantly, he was able to capture the heart of his wife, Micheline Roquebrune. Although Sean has experienced arranging with a divorce lawyer once, he was lucky enough to have Micheline and stayed together for 44 years. All of their hard work paid off, and they are currently enjoying their retirement luxuriously. Thanks to their money management skills, the couple will not have any problems with finances.33. JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS AND BRAD HALL – ABOUT 36 YEARS

Julia and Brad met each other in the earlier years of 1980. The two got married in 1987, and after 36 years to date, the two are still madly in love with each other. They have shared everything, from bank accounts to personal problems. Their team is quite fruitful, and they were able to raise their children well. Now the kids are all grown up and faces the world with all the teachings from their parents. The couple is quite successful with their greatest investment, which is their family.34. DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON AND LAUREN HASHIAN – 13 YEARS

Dwayne Johnson, famously known as “The Rock,” is also one of the most successful men in the industry. From being a professional wrestler to the actor, Dwayne always has a favorable outcome. He and his now-wife, Lauren Hashian, who is a singer and music producer, just recently tied the knot las August 18, 2019. The two first met during the shoot of The Game Plan, and remained in a relationship for 13 years and eventually got married. The couple has two kids, and it is safe to say that they have showered them with all the good things in life, such as expensive insurance. Their money management skills and investment planning can also be seen as they own different real estate properties. For sure they will not have any problems with finances in the future.35. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS AND DAVID BURTKA – 14 YEARS

Neil and Davis also prove that love wins. Their bubbly and loving nature has been an inspiration to many. The two started going out in 2004 and have been together for 14 years. Neil always commends David for being a great chef. Aside from being great actors, the couple is also busy raising their twins. Lucky for them, they went through surrogacy from a woman that volunteered. You can see that they have a loving family as pictures of them are all over the internet. For sure, the twins have a bright future without the need to apply for a student loan, thanks to the hard work that their parents have done.36. TED DANSON AND MARY STEENBURGEN – 25 YEARS

Ted Danson shoots to fame after playing the role of Sam Malone in the popular TV show Cheers. The Hollywood couple met while shooting Pontiac Moon. After a short period of time dating, the two tied that not in 1995. Many were in disbelief that they got married too soon. However, the couple has proved them wrong as they stayed together for 25 years to date. For sure, they have made a couple of investments to secure their future. Their credit reports and bank accounts will permit them to live a luxurious life.37. JULIA ROBERTS AND DANIEL MODER – 18 YEARS

Both Julia and Daniel have marked their names in the industry. As we all know, Julia played multiple roles, and she would always give justice to her character. AS for Daniel, he is an A-list cinematographer, also having his career in the industry. The two found their love for each other and got married for 18 years to date. Also, it is easy to assume that the couple lives a luxurious life considering their net worth. Not only that, they proved that their love stood strong, but also their money management skills are rock solid. Now, their children are growing beautifully, just like their parents.38. TOM HANKS AND RITA WILSON – 30 YEARS

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are both huge names in the industry. Their bank accounts and credit score proves that they are quite a success with their careers. The couple has been together for years already, and it looked like they are perfect for each other. The two have shared a lot of things, especially when it comes to their finances, mortgages, and other investments. They must have a financial adviser to help sort out their wealth as they are both busy with their careers. With their financial security and their love for each other, they can retire if they want to.39. JAMIE LEE CURTIS AND CHRISTOPHER GUEST – 33 YEARS

Jamie rose to fame after playing a role in True Lies. After this, she had marked her name in the industry after the portrayal of multiple roles. It has been said that Jaime felt attracted to Christopher, who is a screenwriter, after seeing his picture from a magazine in 1984. In December of the same year, the two got married, and many were surprised at how fast their marriage was. But they simply prove that they are committed to each other. The 33 years of marriage and no signs of contacting a divorce lawyer simply states their love and support for each other.40. MATT DAMON AND LUCIANA BARROSO – 15 YEARS

Matt Damon is one of the prestigious actors in Hollywood, and because of his fame, he will not need any long introduction. He found the love of her life, Luciana Barroso, at a bar where she works as a bartender. Matt fell in love with her beauty and irresistible charm. Soon the couple got married. It must be a challenge for Luciana considering the fame of Matt and not to mention dozens of female fans. But their relationship is so secure that it reached 15 years up to now. It goes to show that they both know how to handle their finances well as they are far away from bankruptcy. Kudos to both of them!41. DAVID BECKHAM AND VICTORIA BECKHAM – 21 YEARS

David and Victoria Beckham are arguably one of the hottest couples in the industry. They are both known for their successful careers and of course, wealth. They have been supportive of each other, may it be with their careers or businesses. It goes to show that all of their investments are well off, and their bank accounts and credit score is their proof. Despite the fact that they are busy with their careers, they are pretty much hands-on in racing their children. We have seen how their relationship grew with each other, and many have loved them.42. MICHAEL J. FOX & TRACY POLLAN – 31 YEARS

Michael J. Fox conquered both movie and music industry by storm. He was able to have a huge bank account and a high credit score, thanks to his success. He has been married for 31 years to the ever lovely Tracy Pollan, and they now have four children. They are one of the few Hollywood celebrity couples that love to keep their personal lives private. By the looks of it, there are no reasons for them to contact a divorce lawyer as they seem to be destined for a lifetime. They kept their family bond close even if they are busy with their careers.43. RINGO STARR AND BARBARA BACH – 37 YEARS

Ringo Starr is one of the living legends in the music industry. Being a member of the world-renowned British band The Beatles, he made a huge impact in the music scene. He came across Barbara Bach, who is one of the most loved Bond girls in the 80s. The two did not waste time and got married in 1981. They are together for 37 years up to now and did not show any signs of contacting a divorce attorney. Their devotion to one another is just simply inspiring. They also managed to balance their career, business, personal life, and other investments. They are indeed a power couple.44. MERYL STREEP AND DON GUMMER – 40 YEARS

There is none in Hollywood or even outside of it, who doesn’t know who Meryl Streep is. The dynamic actress has filled up her banks with a lot of money and her room with a sea of awards that she received in her acting career. With the maximum number of Academy Award nominations under her belt, Meryl is also one of the most successful stars ever to grace the film industry.

Steep and Gummer have been together for 40 years and have always preferred to keep their relationship far from the roving eyes of the paparazzi. Don feels he is fortunate to have someone like Streep in his life and continues to inspire her in order to achieve more in life.45. SETH ROGEN AND LAUREN MILLER – 14 YEARS

Seth Rogen is one of the funniest people in the industry. With the success of his career, his bank account and credit score are only some of the proof. He first met his wife at the set of Da Ali G Show in 2004 and became best friends. Then, they took their relationship to a higher level and got married. The couple has been together for 14 years, and there are no signs of divorce anytime soon. They had been together in almost everything, especially with their Alzheimer’s awareness. This lovely couple has done much with their careers and social responsibility.


Many have witnessed how inseparable Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are. For 39 years, the couple stayed together and kept on supporting each other. The couple first met in 1979 and then got married in 1982. Of course, just like any other husband and wife, the two had experienced some downtimes. But for them, divorce is never an option. Even their daughter, Kelly Osbourne, has given their relationship some credit. Kelly shared that she learned from her parents the key to a healthy relationship is patience.47. MICHELLE PFEIFFER & DAVID E. KELLEY – 25 YEARS

Michelle and David also have a cute love story. They actually met each other on a blind date in the year 1993. Ten months after they met, the two walked down the aisle. Rumors then spread that the two will regret their fast decision. Standing firm for 25 years, it goes to show that the public is wrong. They have both conquered their marriage and raising families pretty well. The duo does not have any problems with finances, thanks to their money management skills. Their relationship is far away from divorce, and their finances are far away from bankruptcy, also — great job to these two lovely couples.48. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND PATTI SCIALFA – 26 YEARS

The chemistry of Bruce and Patti is undeniably electrifying. Their love story has been out in public for more than two decades now. Bruce may have experienced contacting a divorce lawyer before, but lucky for him, he found Patti and had been in an amazing relationship. They raised three children who are now grown-ups. It goes to show that they can handle anything that life throws at them as long as they are together. For sure, they do not have any financial problems thanks to their money management skills. Thus, the couple made marriage look easy.49. WARREN BEATTY AND ANNETTE BENING – 27 YEARS

Warren Beatty marked his name both as a filmmaker and an actor. That great talent must have swept Annette Bening off her feet. However, Warren is known to be a womanizer in the industry. But Annette stood her ground and did not let the issue surpass her marriage. Calling a divorce lawyer is not necessary for the couple as they took charge of the problem. Now, they raised four children who grew up beautifully. Warren must have been lucky to have Annette as his wife, as she can conquer any storm for the sake of their commitment. The 27 years of marriage just goes to show how strong the couple is.50. MELISSA GILBERT & TIMOTHY BUSFIELD — 7 YEARS

The two television star also has a love story to tell. Mellisa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield have known each other for more than 20 years. But, they get a chance to know a little more about each other at a bar, and their lives changed forever. They are currently married for seven years, and it seems to show that they are destined for one another. They have been each other’s support system in everything that they do. From investments, money management, and business ventures, they are there for each other. No wonder that bankruptcy is far away from them.51. SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR AND FREDDIE PRINZE JR – 18 YEARS

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. are one of the dreamiest stars. Thanks to their good looks and great talent, the two are the perfect pair. From the movie industry to their personal life, the people could not get enough of this good looking couple. After the two declared their relationship, they automatically got approval from the fans. However, their relationship is not always a fairytale. They also face some personal issues. Yet they conquered it firmly and celebrating their 18th year. The duo has always been supportive of each other, whether it’s a career change, new investments, or business venture. They still got each other’s back.

These celebrity love stories just showed us that famous stars are also human. They might have battled personal issues with their relationship, but they have always won. Although they have all the money to file for divorce, they chose not to and stuck with their commitment to each other. Thus, they have proved that relationships and their families are one of their most significant investments.

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