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I personally pity those people who start their day in a rush: hopping out of bed, rushing for a shower, skipping breakfast, and racing out the door. If that’s how you start your day you are probably going to spend the rest of your day in chaos.

I am happy I am not into the habit of living in chaos. Long back, I took a decision for myself to never live my day rushing around for the things to be done. Trust me it’s really great to rush a little less through the day.

How could you do it?

Rushing through your day is a choice. You can’t endlessly fit things into your schedule.

You are responsible for setting up your day for success. Being in rush in itself is worrisome. Why do we rush?

  • We do it unconsciously and is habitual
  • We tend to avoid our real feelings
  • We are juggling multiple responsibilities
  • We feel unworthy
  • We want to be first and do everything
  • We are super lazy

Here’s how I did and what you can do to plan your day to let go of the inner rush and have those days where everything works perfectly.

  1. Start your day by planning what’s need to get done

I start my day at 6.00 a.m. My morning routine starts by pouring in a glass of warm water and planning about what I need to get done. It makes a big difference in how I feel about my day. Leo Babauta of Zen habits included exercise or meditate in his morning routine, though being flexible with both. My best days are those when I plan out the things. How I plan the day:

  • Know how much time you have got to give to each item on your list
  • Prepare a list as you will go through the day
  • Have some buffer time
  • Any planning is better than none
  • Schedule time for your roles and projects

2. Stay away from tech

Digital detox! You are definitely doing yourself harm if the first thing you do when you wake up is check your smartphone. It is said that the average smartphone user checks their device 150 times a day. This is a clear sign of cultivating a reactive mindset, rather than a place of inner peace. At some level, I try to keep myself detached from technology for the first hour of my day to begin my day with contentment and awareness.

3. Dress up. Show up

One of my favorite self-motivating act is dressing up my way. Dressing up n showing up is a great way to perk up the spirits. One main thing to remember is to dress up for yourself, not for anyone else. It ultimately shows your efforts to make yourself presentable and prepared for the day.

4. Have a consistent routine

Though getting into a routine may sound like draining the spontaneity out of life, but people do underestimate the importance of a consistent routine in life. Being in this spontaneity will not harm you instead of help you deliver all that you need in life and little extra as well. Benjamin Franklin is known for being keen on setting a strict daily routine for specific times of the day that includes time for sleeping, meals, and working. Look at the benefits it can bring to your day:

  • You can set aside time to relax
  • Make you more efficient
  • Structure your day smoothly to distribute the energy
  • You’ll be able to schedule a good 7 hours sleep
  • Pushe self-determination to a new level

5. Manage your energy

I have realized that the more I am able to manage my energy, the more satisfactory I have been for the day. When you manage your energy, time management itself follows and personal productivity for the day will definitely level up. Tony Schwartz, author of “The Power of Full Engagement”, recommends that we manage our energy for peak performance. Here’s why you need to manage your energy:

  • Make you aware of your peak performance periods
  • Give you real restoration and rejuvenation
  • More decisions you will be able to make
  • It compels you to take action

6. Track your habits to understand yourself better

I believe self-tracking should be a part of our day for us to track our day well. Start tracking your weekday activities and everything you do over a day ―habit tracking and life logging.

The secret to having a successful day is preparing yourself up for the day. If you understand how you are living right now, it can help you to move towards how you want to live. You can have an awesome day if you choose to have an awesome day.

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